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The surface of bare concrete is very susceptible to damage from everyday use. Spills will cause stains and dropping items can cause chips and cracks. It is also slippery, particularly when wet, and will be dusty for life.

BabcoGarage has a variety of epoxy floor coatings that will not only protect and seal the surface, but also improve the safety of users. Our floor coatings include a variety of looks…textured flakes or quartz, plain and metallic and a large assortment of colours to create the look and meet the specific needs of the user.

Users, facility managers and owners of commercial and industrial spaces have very specific demands of their flooring and we offer tailored solutions with fast turnaround, low maintenance and customizable colors and finishes.

Are you a residential homeowner? Be sure to check out our residential floor coatings for garages, pool decks or any other concrete surfaces.

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Warehouses require durable floors that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy loads from racking and forklifts. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems provide highly durable, slip and chemical resistant solutions with ease of maintenance to ensure high productivity.

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Healthcare facilities require a safe and sterile environment with long-lasting performance. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems offer seamless, highly durable, easy to clean solutions to meet the most demanding healthcare flooring challenges. Optional coatings available with silver ion antimicrobial technology offering 24/7 protection.

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Keep busy classrooms, hallways and work areas safe and functional with SPARTACOTE resinous floor. Featuring fast return to service, high uptime, and safe, non-slip solutions to handle the high traffic and daily cleaning of educational facilities.

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Retail Spaces & Shopping Malls

Retail spaces and shopping malls require high uptime with customized, beautiful aesthetics for commercial retail tenets and shop owners. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems possess safe, non-slip flooring characteristics as well as easy to clean properties suitable for handling the high foot traffic these spaces see.

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Grow Rooms

Keep your operation running and yield high through the use of SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems. They feature seamless and hygienic, easy to clean solutions, which meet the FDA/CFSAN US Food Code physical facilities criteria. Systems also available with integral anti-microbial technology.

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Maintaining a clean and safe production area is a constant struggle for facility managers within manufacturing plants. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems provide highly durable, chemical resistant solutions with ease of maintenance to maximize facility uptime and ensure high productivity.

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Hotel & Hospitaility

In the hotel and hospitality industry, patrons, facility managers and hotel owners alike demand high performance from their flooring. SPARTACOTE resinous floor provide solutions for both front and back of house which are aesthetically attractive, easy to clean and long-lasting to handle the high traffic and daily wear.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

SPARTACOTE resinous floors keep busy production environments safe, hygienic and functional by offering USDA compliant systems and antimicrobial coatings. Seamless, durable, easy to clean options stand up to the high demands of today’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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Stadium & Event Spaces

Stadiums and large event spaces pose unique challenges due to the extreme foot traffic and variety of events occurring on a regular basis. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems create an attractive customizable appearance while maintaining a safe, durable, non-slip floor that is easy to clean.

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The aviation industry demands floors that are both decorative and functional. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems offer solutions with customizable aesthetics, high chemical resistance, including to SkyDrol-D, and abrasion resistance to create beautiful easy to maintain floors that can withstand the wear of daily operations.

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Veterinary & Dog Kennels

Veterinary professionals and kennel owners seek floor coating systems that are long-lasting and easy to clean. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems offer durable, hygienic, easy to clean solutions that are safe for people and animals alike.

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Car Dealerships

Car dealerships present several challenges for their facility managers and owners. These spaces require high uptime with customized aesthetics matching the dealership’s brand. SPARTACOTE resinous floor systems offer customizable, fast return to service, easy to maintain solutions to meet these needs.

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