Proven coating systems for health care applications

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring features an optional silver ion antimicrobial technology* that offers 24/7 antimicrobial product protection. Blended directly into the base resin, it inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause product degradation, discoloration, and odors. Integral to the coating itself and not only surface applied, Clinical Plus coatings offer protection that lasts for the effective life of the floor even if the coating becomes scratched or worn. Independent laboratory testing has proven that Clinical Plus coatings are 99.9 % cleaner than untreated coatings.

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BabcoGarage provides industry leading warranties on all products, including labour where we install the product. Our cabinets, wall storage and floor coatings are all superior quality, and you can be confident that we will support any issues during the warranty period and beyond.

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Watch the video below from LATICRETE experts to learn:

  • Where resinous coating solutions can be used
  • How a group of hospitals used SPARTACOTE™ resinous floor and wall systems with silver ion antimicrobial technology* to help inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Frequently asked questions about SPARTACOTE resinous floors

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Healthcare facilities require a safe and sterile environment with long-lasting performance. SPARTACOTE™ resinous floor offer seamless, highly durable, easy to clean solutions to meet the most demanding healthcare challenges.

Common healthcare flooring solutions for hospital floors include:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Central Sterile
  • Patient Rooms
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Lobbies & Hallways
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Kitchens & Cafeterias

These high performance, specialized healthcare flooring solutions give facility managers:

  • Fast cure and return to service
  • Exceptional thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
  • Coatings equipped with silver ion antimicrobial technology
  • Very low VOC and low odor at installation
  • Customizable colors and textures
  • Easy maintenance and long lasting flooring

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