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What does Babco Garage do?


In addition to flooring, we are very proud to provide and install a wide variety of cabinets, storage solutions and organizational options for your garage. Babco is the exclusive BendPak® and Peak® Lift supplier in Canada – so WE DO LIFTS !!! 

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Will you do a site visit?


Yes we will. This is a service we provide which allows us to have a look at your project and discuss ideas and solutions in person. We will prepare a 3-D rendering so you can see what the finished product will look like and be with you every step of the way. Covid-19 protocols are in place as well and we would be happy to offer both Facetime and digital site visits – your safety and comfort is paramount to us.

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Do you do commercial installs?


YES. Any install, large or small, we can do it. If you have a large commercial warehouse space you would like coated we can do it. Do you have a hanger? No problem – we can assist you with your flooring needs. Simply fill out our Get Started form or call us at 604-210-3653.

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We live in a relatively damp climate. Will this affect my floor coating?


Absolutely. Any kind of moisture either from within the concrete surface or of an external nature can affect the application process as well as the finished product and durability. We measure the moisture content in your concrete prior to any application and advise of the results to give you the most honest and up-front information ensuring complete satisfaction. We will also advise of any external elements which may affect the surface as well.

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What does concrete hardness have to do with preparation?


When someone comes to work on your garage floor they need to be professionals. If they grind the concrete as if it is hard and it is soft they will take too much off the surface and leave scars in your floor. If they grind it as if it is soft and it is hard they won’t expose enough of the inner structure for the liquid state products to penetrate,which means your garage floor will peel up where the tires first hit it.

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