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Frequently Asked Questions2020-10-14T15:30:57-07:00
Can your product be installed on sidewalls?2020-10-14T15:20:49-07:00

The simple answer – YES. Sidewalls are typically made of concrete. They are by nature, more of a challenge to prepare and apply a coating to, therefore you can expect a slightly higher cost for this than the floor but the finished product looks amazing and adds a finished look to your garage.

Do you do commercial installs?2020-10-14T15:25:34-07:00

YES. Any install, large or small, we can do it. If you have a large commercial warehouse space you would like coated we can do it. Do you have a hanger? No problem – we can assist you with your flooring needs. Simply fill out our Get Started form or call us at 604-210-3653.

How do I clean my garage floor coating?2020-10-14T15:25:53-07:00

Polyaspartic floors can be cleaned by either low-pressure washing, mopping or simply wiping up.

How long before I can use my garage/floor again?2020-10-14T15:24:11-07:00

We recommend 24 hours to cure before foot traffic and 48-96 hours before vehicles.

How long does it take to install the floor in my garage?2020-10-14T15:20:16-07:00

This is dependant on the size of the garage, the amount of prep time required, and the type of floor material you wish to have installed. Typically, a simple 2 car garage with minimal concrete repair required, no sidewalls to be coated, and a moderate concrete hardness will take 1 day to install. The larger the garage and the more preparation time required will result in increased time to install.

We live in a relatively damp climate. Will this affect my floor coating?2020-10-14T15:23:47-07:00

Absolutely. Any kind of moisture either from within the concrete surface or of an external nature can affect the application process as well as the finished product and durability. We measure the moisture content in your concrete prior to any application and advise of the results to give you the most honest and up-front information ensuring complete satisfaction. We will also advise of any external elements which may affect the surface as well.

What does Babco Garage do?2020-10-14T15:27:22-07:00

In addition to flooring, we are very proud to provide and install a wide variety of cabinets, storage solutions and organizational options for your garage. Babco is the exclusive BendPak® and Peak® Lift supplier in Canada – so WE DO LIFTS !!! 

What does concrete hardness have to do with preparation?2020-10-14T15:23:21-07:00

When someone comes to work on your garage floor they need to be professionals. If they grind the concrete as if it is hard and it is soft they will take too much off the surface and leave scars in your floor. If they grind it as if it is soft and it is hard they won’t expose enough of the inner structure for the liquid state products to penetrate,which means your garage floor will peel up where the tires first hit it.

What is the difference between Polyaspartic, Epoxy and Polished Concrete?2020-10-14T15:20:00-07:00

Polyaspartic is a hybrid material that resembles polyurethane. It was first developed in the 90’s as a coating for steel in bridges and used for its corrosion-resistant properties. It has a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound – simple terms “odour”), dries quickly, can have coloured flake added for style and anti-slip characteristics, can withstand heavy traffic and usage, is UV resistant, and is highly durable. Polyaspartic can be cleaned by either low-pressure washing, mopping, or simply wiping up. This is the preferred flooring for residential garages.

Epoxy is a resin polymer that is rolled or painted on the garage surface. It can be customized to include colouring and anti-slip texturing. Epoxy is much more susceptible to UV exposure resulting in discolouration (or “yellowing”) and is vulnerable to abrasion. This flooring is generally used for large, commercial projects.

Polished concrete is exactly that – a procedure which entails grinding the surface with finer grit material to produce up to a glass-like finish which can be sealed. This is a great option for outdoor applications including driveways, pool and patio surfaces and anything exposed to weather. Each of these applications still requires surface preparation including crack and pitting repair and surface grinding.

What is the Warranty on your products and services?2020-10-14T15:29:04-07:00

All of our products and services include industry leading warranties to ensure your long-term satisfaction. Please click here for warranty details.

What method of surface preparation will you use?2020-10-14T15:22:24-07:00

Surface preparation is the most critical step in the process. We use large diamond-grinders with dustless self-contained vacuums to prepare the surface.

Refer to our residential flooring process.

What types of flooring does Babco Garage do?2020-10-14T15:19:21-07:00

Babco Garage has a team of highly trained, professional installers with many years of experience and countless floors installed. The floor coatings we are professionally installing include Polyaspartic, Epoxy and Polished concrete.

Why don’t you chemically etch or acid wash the concrete?2020-10-14T15:23:00-07:00

Acid-washing is not a method that is used by professionals. It does not create the textured-profile that is required for these types of coatings to properly bond to the concrete, and the method is not approved by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

Will you be subcontracting the work out to other people or businesses?2020-10-14T15:26:30-07:00

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Babco Garage has a team of experienced and skilled employees ensuring total satisfaction.

Will you do a site visit?2020-10-14T15:27:01-07:00

Yes we will. This is a service we provide which allows us to have a look at your project and discuss ideas and solutions in person. We will prepare a 3-D rendering so you can see what the finished product will look like and be with you every step of the way. Covid-19 protocols are in place as well and we would be happy to offer both Facetime and digital site visits – your safety and comfort is paramount to us.

Will you move my belongings out of the garage?2020-10-14T15:26:11-07:00

We are not able to move your belongings for you; we require that the garage floor is empty when we arrive. We are willing to assist you with large items such as refrigerators and tool chests.

Will you repair cracks and damage on my existing floor?2020-10-22T14:08:26-07:00

Yes, we use specialty products to repair existing cracks and pits. The damage is filled and then the grinder is used to make even with the floor. Refer to our process.

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